Things That Can Cause Damage To The Tyres

The tyres of cars must be checked at regular intervals and they must be changed at the right time to avoid any mishap. In Clevedon, the auto repair shops make sure to update the vehicle owner about the condition of the tyre so that they can get it maintained or replaced. Tyre garage in Clevedon can also be hired for the purpose.

Here are some things that can damage the tyres of your vehicle.


Under inflation: According to the research, many people drive their cars with low tyre pressure. If your car’s tyre is under inflated then it will lead to many problems like poor handling, risk of accident, wear and tear problem, puncture, etc. You should maintain the tyre’s air pressure to avoid any such hassle.

Over inflation: If you over inflate your tyre, it will not provide safety because tyre will contact the road in a small amount. It also requires more force to stop the car which shortens the lifespan of your tyre. You should always fill the suggested air pressure in the tyre.

Driving speed: If you drive your car at a high speed daily, there are more chances of damage than driving it at lower speed. Potholes cause more damage to the car while high speed driving. High speed also increases the heating and you might also lose control of the car. You can also notice that people who drive at high speed change the tyre every few months.

Bulging and cracking: Kerbs or potholes can cause bulges and cracks on the tyres. You can see them on the sidewall of your car’s tyres. If you over or under inflate your tyre then you will need to replace it in very less time. Cracks on the tyres also show that tyres are too old and require changing.