How To Restore Old Furniture?

People usually take their old furniture to their new house at the time of shifting. But sometimes, the old furniture does not fit according to the new interior. In such a situation, there is no need to throw out the old furniture, little polishing or restoration will bring back the furniture to life. In London, people call professionals for restoration services. If you need to restore your old furniture, contact a furniture restoration service from London.They will give your old furniture a new life.You only need to apply your creative mind to give a new life to your furniture.

Here are some tips to make your old furniture look new.

For wooden furniture

Most of the households have wooden furniture but after several years they get dull or damaged. To give the old furniture a new look, simply polish or varnish the dull wooden furniture. Never apply the polish directly to the polished furniture. First, remove the polish properly with the remover and then sandpaper it, for preparing it to polish. Remove all the marks and stains and then apply the polish with a brush. Apply two coats of polish so that the furniture shines like a new one.

Sideboards and cabinets

The sideboards or cabinets which have a simple plain panel can be easily restored. There are so many decorative and antique wooden strips which can easily fix the problem. You can also polish the strips or motifs along with the whole cabinet. The decorative motifs will change the whole look of your cabinets or sideboards.