Get The Best Fire Doors Installed At Your Property

Fire door is needed as an escape plan in case fire breaks out at the property. Saving of precious lives and property can be done by Fire Doors Installation. These are installed in all buildings whether residential or industrial complexes. Fire is a destructive thing as it destroys everything in its path. The fire doors that are installed are fire resistant and thus it serves as a life saving piece of equipment.

Designing Features in designing and installing fire Doors

A good fire door is a durable piece of equipment. It is designed in a scientifically ascertained way. The base material on which the construction starts is chosen carefully. Whatever be the material chosen, it is always tested to withstand fire for at least 2 hours. To achieve this objective, temperature is also kept in consideration because as evident from testing data of forensic laboratories fire could easily reach temperatures above 1000 degrees, that’s enough to burn or melt most materials. So, combination in metals is used. GI and fire-resistant asbestos can withstand extreme temperatures when used in combination.

After this structural build, sealing is applied on the door. This sealing withstands flames and nothing could leak from these seals, therefore, special consideration is given in making these seals. This sealing works in 2 ways, first indoor and another in frame. The frame is made with fireproof construction material so that door fits in such a way that no opening or gap is left. Other things that are also given attention are latches and hinges.

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