Different Types Of Luxury Stones

“Homes in the UK are always designed keeping in mind a luxurious approach. This is because of the associated royal history and a culture that makes such an environment feel more homely to the native people. Thus, they try to keep maximum aspects of the homes like furniture and fixtures more or less around royal. This is why they deploy luxury stones in flooring and other aspects of homes.

However, in course of time, these stones need maintenance which is why they call for services of luxury stone repairs based on London” quoted an expert from www.siaftercare.com.


Here are the different types of these stones:


This is one of the oldest and traditionally considered symbols of royalty in homes. Marble is one of those limestones that combine with other stones geologically. This luxury stone requires utmost care during installation and usage. The use of marble also calls for maintenance on a regular basis but the level of appearance that they provide is class apart. This is why they are considered a worthy investment.


These stones have a particular rustic look to themselves. It makes them really ideal for summer-based kitchens, courtyards, and paths in the garden. These slate stones are available in tiled forms but some of the pieces that are irregular in shape can be used for making walkways and decorate different columns.


These luxury stones emerge out when quartz-rich sandstone experiences pressure from the tectonic forces. It can be used to make shiny tiles for floors as they are available in many sizes, shapes, and colors.

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