Bespoke Handmade Kitchens

Kitchen is that part of home where in we no longer only cook food but it has become a place to socialize more with multiple function spaces along with eating, cooking and enjoyment. So upgrade your kitchen with new ideas as per your and your family’s preferences and choices adding a new look and uniqueness.

Handmade kitchens in Somerset are becoming the trend nowadays not only because of their wow factor but also for the designs, look and durability of the work. Carcasses and doors are made of good quality solid wood with traditional style shelves and drawers which enhance the durability of the kitchen. You don’t need to rely on the standard patterns and dimensions; you can ask the engineer to get it customized as per your requirements such as low ceilings, increasing the number of shelves etc.



Most Common Styles:


Contemporary style – This style usually consists of styling more with traditional woods like willow, teak, oak and many more. Along with this, walls are painted in white for added look.

Ebony Ivory style – Black is the main color in this style. Cabinets and tabletops are made using black marbles with hand painted doors for kitchens drawers and shelves.

Shaker style – in this, terracotta tiles used for kitchen walls are in darker shades. They are used for shelves and other fixtures in kitchen with accessories made of copper.Traditional style-Shelves and other fixtures here are made in vintage style patterns of wood. Usually, walls are painted with old grey colors which add to the vintage look.

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